Why Empathic Business Leaders Are More Successful

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 09.30.56A subscriber to The Churning has kindly forwarded me this link to an article in the Huffington Post.

The article opens with these words:

“It’s increasingly evident that business leaders who are capable of experiencing and demonstrating empathy, compassion, and humility have greater success.”

This could almost be an advertisement for the ‘Inner Leadership’ half of The Churning.

Based on significant recent studies, key insights from the article include:

  • “Humble leaders who have increased self-awareness and insight experience greater commitment and performance from their employees.”
  • “On top of that, they are proactive in the face of challenges.”

The exercises in Chapters 1 and 2 will help you develop your self awareness and insight. The exercises in Chapters 3-7 enable you to be more proactive in the face even of major challenges.

Other sections of the article emphasise how, in a world that is churning, Inner Leadership is becoming ever more important:

  • “In a global marketplace where problems are increasingly complex, no one person will ever have all the answers.”
  • “Today’s organizations require … a “quick and nimble” management culture. This, in turn, requires leaders to let go of focusing so much on themselves; to let go of the “alpha male” role.”
  • “We need a new kind of leader who focuses much more on relationships and understands that leadership is not about himself [or herself]…who knows [s]he needs to listen to other people…to be intellectually curious and emotionally open…(and) needs empathy to do the job.”
  • “The capacity for compassion and empathy are innate, and … can be strengthened through conscious effort and focus.”

The whole Inner Leadership half of The Churning is about strengthening these personal attributes, in a way that makes them actionable.

This whole issue of leadership style will be addressed in more detail in Chapter 7 of Inner Leadership, which focuses on leading your team forward through the emotional transitions that will be an inevitable consequence of moving towards your vision.

And for the moment I, personally, am focused on completing Chapter 6: “Create an inspiring vision”.

Many thanks again to Karen for sending me the article.

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