Countering disinformation and fake news

This interesting short film describes how Russia’s President Putin (and others) have deliberately used tactics intended to undermine people’s perception of the world.

The approach is to create so much churning in people’s minds that they no longer understand what is happening — who is doing what, or why, or what their wider intentions might be.

In the face of such confusion, the film says, our only response is to say “Oh dear.” To give up and take no action. Which is exactly what the makers of fake news want.

But there is another more useful response. That is to choose to get clear on who we are, what we want, why, and what we are going to do about it.

This is what Inner Leadership provides. It brings a framework and tools that enable you to stay calm in a crisis, make clear sense of the situation, then find and choose more options to create what you want instead — and inspire yourself and other people to want to make it happen.

When we can do this we no longer react to what other people are saying and doing. We know how to create our own inspiring vision and have the tools to pursue it. We become our own protagonist.

This is twenty first century leadership: the ability to know what you want and to make it happen, irrespective of what anybody else might (or might not) be saying and doing.

The aim of fake news is to undermine our perception of the world.

With Inner Leadership you create a worldview so solid it cannot be undermined.

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