Two key hacks for problem solving and productivity

A churning world brings us more issues to deal with, makes them more difficult to address, and yet also increases the urgency for finding solutions.

Jack Dorsey is a man who knows how to handle more issues than most. He is the CEO both of Twitter and Square (the payments processor). He also sits on the board of Walt Disney.

What does he do that enables him to handle the major issues affecting not just one but three major corporations? The answer, he says, is “consistent routine.”

Doing the same thing every day:

“…allows a steady state that enables me to be more effective when I do have to react to something out of band.”

And the two “essential hacks” he uses to create that routine are:

Meditation and exercise!

Jack Dorsey starts each day at 5am with 30 minutes of meditation. He then exercises for around 20 minutes. Then he has his first cup of coffee and begins the rest of his day.

Chapter 1 of Inner Leadership recommends meditation and exercise as two key practices for connecting us deeply with whatever matters most to us. They bring stability when all around is changing. And a third approach, creativity, also recharges our batteries and increases our ability to find innovative solutions.

Together, a combination of these three practices make us more able to remain calm no matter what might happen around us and then respond quickly with creative solutions.

For Jack Dorsey, these practices are so important that he starts each day with them. They enable him to perform senior roles in not one but three major corporations.

You might not want to start your day at 5am. But, like this writer at Business Insider, you might find it useful to adapt his approach to your needs.

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