True leadership is about empowerment

21C_LeadershipSuccessful leadership in the 21st century is already about empowerment, not control.

— The world’s largest taxi company owns and controls no vehicles. Instead it empowers drivers and customers to find each other. (Uber)

— The world’s largest accommodation provider owns no hotels, employs no chambermaids or bellboys. Instead it empowers guests and bedroom owners to find each other, negotiate and make bookings. (Airbnb)

— The world’s most popular media company produces no content but instead empowers people to create what matters to them and to share what is worth sharing. (Facebook)

Successful leadership in the 21st century isn’t about control. It’s about blurring the traditional lines between ‘customers’ and ’employees’, and then finding ways simply to empower ‘people’ to do what they want to do.

As the rate of global change accelerates, our ability to control anything for very long reduces.

To create results that last we need to encourage people to choose our way of doing things. And the best way to do that is by empowering them.

The Churning’s ‘Inner Leadership‘ provides tools and an integrated approach for inspiring and empowering yourself and then others.

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