Tom Peters on leading the 21st-century organisation

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Interviewed by McKinsey Quarterly, the long-time management guru says:

  • “Corporate culture is not part of the game: It is the game. You’ve got to do the corporate culture first.”
  • “If you take a leadership job, you’re in the people-development business. You do people. Period. It’s what you do. It’s what you’re paid to do. People, period. Should you have a great strategy? Yes, you should. How do you get a great strategy? By finding the world’s greatest strategist, not by being the world’s greatest strategist. You do people.”
  • “I’ve seen a lot of tombstones. None of ’em have net worth on ’em. It’s the people you develop.”
  • “Any idiot with a high IQ can invent a great strategy. What’s really hard is fighting against the unwashed masses and pulling it off—although there’s nothing stupider than saying change is about overcoming resistance. Change is about recruiting allies and working each other up to have the nerve to try the next experiment. You find allies. You encircle the buggers. You don’t bring about change in real big meetings or virtual meetings. You bring it about one person at a time, face to face.”
  • “21st-century-AD leadership is probably just about the same as 21st-century-BC leadership. And, fundamentally, it is about organizing the affairs of our fellow human beings to provide some sort of a service to other people.”

The Churning agrees.

21st Century Leadership is about people development. And people development is about Inner Leadership.

Inner Leadership is a recipe for fast-track, high-octane people development — of self and others.

And once you’ve led yourselves, and agreed the vision you all share, then you also need a 21st Century way to “organise your affairs” in constant change — which is Outer Leadership.

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