Three reasons we sometimes get stuck


If we know ourselves, can spot our mis-blinks and find the opportunities in the problem, why isn’t the world overflowing with happy fulfilled people?

Because sometimes we hold ourselves back.

There are three main reasons why we do this.

The first is overthinking, or paralysis by analysis. This is when we flip back and forth between alternatives and their possible consequences, endlessly asking ourselves, like Hamlet, “Option A or Option B, that is the question…”

The second reason is not knowing who we want to become. We might know full well who we are, but how do we apply that in the world we have been born into?

And the third reason is fear: fear of what we might encounter along the way, fear of failure, fear of what would happen if we succeeded.

And so (sometimes) we stay where we are, stuck.

Chapter 4 of Inner Leadership describes these blockages further and provides tools for removing them.

It is shows how to identify the best way forward for you, personally, and make the commitment to follow that path.

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