The people build the business

Build the people first

You cannot build a business greater than your vision.

You cannot build a vision greater than the level of awareness you have achieved.

And during implementation, when obstacles appear, your people will only be able to adapt and respond up to the level of awareness and understanding they have.

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A sports coach, a general, a film director, or a music composer will have a vision. That vision will be lesser or greater, depending on who they are, their level of development.

Their ability to achieve that vision will then be limited by their ability to communicate it to their people, and by their people’s ability to understand and put it into practice. (Sting is credited as the sole composer of Every Breath you Take, but it was Andy Summers who wrote the guitar riff, after Sting told him to “make it your own“.)

This applies whether the people are sportsmen or women, soldiers, actors and crew, or musicians. Or employees.

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