‘Non-Doing’: Stop the glorification of busy

1546232_10152754307187731_3859972113501243511_nThis is a message that comes around every now and again. In the Taoist way of looking at the world they call this ‘non-doing’.

But what does it really mean?

Does it mean lying by the pool with a cocktail? Does it mean never getting out of bed before noon? Does it mean giving up and going home, never doing anything?


It means stop doing ‘stuff’ just for the sake of keeping busy.

It means take the time to work out what’s important to you, and focus on that, calmly.

It means not getting upset when things don’t turn out how you expected, and not getting into a ‘panic’ about having to make things happen instantly. If it takes 21 days for a chicken’s egg to hatch, putting 100 chickens on to the job won’t make it happen any faster.

It means having a clear, inspiring vision of who you are, what you care about, and what you are here to accomplish. It means working to achieve that, in a calm, focused, effective way. And taking others with you as you go.

And don’t just keep ‘busy’ with whatever comes along, as a way to avoid the work of finding out who you are.

The Churning provides tools that enable you first of all to find what is important to you, and inspire yourself and others to achieve that (Inner Leadership). And then it provides tools that help you put that into practice (Outer Leadership). All in a calm, focused, effective manner.

The Churning is about accomplishing more by ‘doing’ less.

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