Seven skills that enable us to lead ourselves, and others

LeadYourself3Anyone can be a leader. But you will do a better job of leading others if you first learn to lead yourself.

What does that look like?

The Churning says that in times of change there are seven key skills or competencies that enable us to lead ourselves. They are:

  1. the ability to keep your head when all around are losing theirs
  2. the ability to make emotionally intelligent sense of a situation
  3. the ability to find the opportunities in any situation
  4. the ability to identify and choose the way forward that is best for you in the long term (not just easiest in the short term, because in a churning world you can’t afford to keep reworking the same issues)
  5. the ability to know your values and purpose, because they help you focus, save wasted energy, and enable you to adapt quickly when circumstances change
  6. the ability to motivate yourself with an inspiring vision
  7. the ability to manage your journey towards that vision, in a way that makes you antifragile.

Inner Leadership provides tools that enable you to achieve all of these things.

Once you can do this for yourself, then you can start to do it for others (and show them how to do it for themselves).

The seven chapters of Inner Leadership for Inspiration are:

  1. Centre and Ground
  2. Make Sense of the Situation
  3. Find the Opportunities
  4. Choose what is Best for You
  5. Know your Purpose and Values
  6. Create an Inspiring Vision
  7. Prepare for the Journey

Each chapter contains a measurement system that you can use to track your progress.


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