Purpose and values: a recipe for becoming fully who we truly are

Knowing our purpose and values helps us achieve our strategic goals, create eight practical benefits, and prioritise our responses to any issue.

But knowing our purpose and values also tells us something deeper.

They show us what success looks like for us, what self-actualisation looks like for us.

Our Purpose shows us what our two best qualities are, how we love to apply them, and what our ideal world looks like.

Our Values come from realising what brings us the deepest feelings of flow and aliveness, when we are operating at our maximum potential.

When we are living in line with our purpose and values we apply our best qualities, in the ways we most enjoy, to achieve what matters most to us. We generate the deepest feelings of flow and aliveness.

This is what success looks like for us. What self-actualisation and fulfilment look like. Becoming who we truly are.

No matter where you are starting from now, your purpose and values show the direction for you to move towards: there is always some action you can take in line with them.

You can find your life purpose and values by carrying out the simple exercises here (purpose) and here (values).

Adapted from Inner Leadership.

Photo By kilgarron via StockPholio.net

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