Outer Leadership for Results


Outer leadership is about getting things done. It’s about strategy and execution, delivering results.

In a time of churning we need a new approach to strategy and execution, one that is more:

  • Robust (because things might not turn out the way we expect)
  • Connected (because when everything is changing it’s the relationships between things that matter), and
  • Adaptive (because what matters in a time of change is the ability to adapt and flow while maintaining the relationships).

Volume 2 of The Churning, “Outer Leadership”, is currently being written and will provide tools that enable you to:

  • Identify key trends and drivers
  • Understand the implications and their consequences
  • Spot and manage risks
  • Identify and seize opportunities
  • Re-imagine the business
  • Organise for ongoing change

Applied together, these tools will transform your organisation into a living organism: one that can adapt and evolve in a changing world. But essential to achieving that implementation will be the level of inspiration you have created using Inner Leadership.

In a time of churning and change, success comes from inspiration and results. Inner Leadership shows you what inspires you the most. Outer Leadership shows you how to put that into practice.

Outer Leadership will be published in late 2017.