Only you know what is right for you

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 11.37.15You are the only person who knows what is right for you. And in a world that is churning, you will have forces pushing and pulling you in different directions.

This is why Chapter 1 gets you to take the time to centre and ground yourself. To reconnect with who you are.

This is why Chapter 2 gets you to take the time to make your own sense of the situation you are in. Clearing out what anybody else might tell you, and whatever your mis-blink emotional reactions might tell you, to create own, considered version of what is going on.

Then in Chapter 3, you identify the opportunities that exist for you right now (and there are at least three types).

In Chapter 4 you are then ready to choose the way forward that’s best for you.

[After that, Chapter 5 provides a final check that the choice you have made matches with your life priorities, while Chapter 6 gets you to embed what you have chosen into a clear and compelling vision. Chapter 7 then prepares you to start using the tools contained in the other half of the book, on Outer Leadership and implementation.

The Churning provides tools that enable you not only to decide what is best for you, but also to make your decision happen.]

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