Creating your own customised motivation map

White Nile

Before setting out on their journeys, the explorers of old would always try to get hold of a map of the landscapes they were about to enter. Where were the swamps and deserts? Where was the fresh water and plentiful food? Rumours and stories from people who had been there before (or somewhere similar) were always useful. Even a sketch map was better than no map at all.

In Chapter 4 of inner leadership you chose the best way forward for you. In Chapter 6 you turned that into an inspiring vision. No one has ever tried to create this vision before, not in the way that you have defined it, and not in the circumstances you now face. So it is difficult to provide a map.

But in your journey through inner leadership you have explored much of the inner territory you are about to enter. Each tool or exercise provided a key landmark that you can refer back to.

Chapter 7 shows how to pull these key landmarks together to create a map that you can refer to, not only when you seem to be ‘lost’ but also daily before you set out. You can remind yourself of the key features of the landscape you are travelling through, work out where you are, realign yourself, and continue your journey forward.

The key landmarks generated by inner leadership include:

  • a reminder of the opportunity you have chosen
  • the key elements of the vision you are working to create
  • why this matters: your wider purpose
  • how you are going to behave along the journey: your values
  • quotes and facts that inspire you and drive you forward
  • people and groups who are essential to your achieving your vision, and what they need from you
  • what steps you take to centre and ground yourself, and deepen your connection with yourself
  • what it will take for you to have lived a worthwhile life, and how you are achieving that each day

When you have worked through and defined all these things they become your inner map and compass. They remind you what you are here to accomplish, why, and how far you want to travel today.

They become your own customised map for daily realignment and motivation.


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