Choosing to take action frees us from the churning


“When we are no longer motivated by fear, we understand that every moment is perfect in its own way. We no longer dread what we can’t control; we learn to respect the wisdom of Spirit rather than impose our will on situations. This is the path of genuine power.” — Alberto Villoldo

When I find myself going through a period of what I call ‘churning’, as I have been doing lately, it seems to come to an end when I take a decision in myself (sometimes unconsciously), and I come out of the period of churning doubly-resolved to take some action or other.

It seems to me that the churning is me arguing with myself about whether to do the thing or not. “Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no,” until I finally decide to just be myself and do it, and allow whatever then happens.

These decisions used to be very rational and conscious. Lately they seem to be becoming more intuitive and unconscious.

Either way, I know that if I do not take the action that is needed, the ‘churning’ will return.

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