Letting go — of everything except your purpose and values

In a world of constant churning everything can feel out of control. And in fact it is. How can you really expect to control anything in this world unless you have access to the resources of a billionaire, a prime minister or a president? And if you are a billionaire, a prime minister, or a president then your vast resources are subject to so many different outside forces and influences that you can’t really consider yourself to be “in control” either.

Nobody is in control.

But once you accept that nothing is under control then a strange thing happens. Once you stop trying to control the outside world then you have access to new power, to the energy that you used to spend on trying to hold on what you could not control.

And the meaning of the fact that everything is constantly “falling apart”, that everything is in decay, is that there is nothing to hold on to. So you don’t have to let go. All you have to do is to be, yourself.

Knowing your purpose and values show you how to do that.

They allow you to keep control of the one thing in the world that you can and should, control. And that is yourself.

This is true power.

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