Leadership is about hope

napoleon-bonaparte-leader-t2Whatever the situation you currently face, leadership is about finding hope.

And then moving towards it, taking others with you.

Have a good weekend.

Chapters 1 and 2 of inner leadership are about learning to let go of the assumptions and mis-interpretations we all sometimes make, so that you can see the situation as it truly is.

Chapter 3 is about learning to see the ten types of opportunity that exist in any situation.

Chapter 4 provides frameworks and tools that enable you to choose the opportunity that is best for you.

Chapters 5 and 6 are about articulating that as an inspiring vision.

The rest of the book is about putting it into practice.


2 Replies to “Leadership is about hope”

  1. What a superb reflection on leadership – interestingly, it gives me hope in my own capacity as a leader. Sometimes is all just seems such a huge, steeply uphill battle. By simplifying – in a profound yet non-simplistic way – the essence of the task of leadership, it makes it seems so much more achievable, even when the odds against success still seem huge!

    • Many thanks Rob, glad you found it useful.

      The Churning aims to provide two things: clarity and structure.

      In other words, a number of clear simple steps, and a structure that joins them all up to make a staircase: clarity and a step by step approach for putting that clarity into action.

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