Know yourself


The first and most important step of Inner Leadership is to know yourself.

The less we know ourselves the more likely we are to be buffeted by whatever is happening around us.

The more we know ourselves the easier it becomes to deal with the storms life sends, and to choose a clear direction to move forward.

Know yourself” is easy to say, but not always easy to achieve.

How much time do you set aside each week/month getting to know yourself?
How much time do you spend each day?
What techniques do you use?

Or are you “too busy” for this most important step?

Chapter 1 of Inner Leadership shows ways to quickly centre ourselves when a crisis hits, then ground and reconnect with who we are. It suggests regular practices to develop and deepen our self-knowledge.

Chapters 2-7 show how to apply that self-understanding, once we have it. This develops and deepen our self-connection still further.

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