It always seems impossible

1441441_10151804424066977_1756041420_nOn this anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, a reminder that any challenge can seem impossible, right up until the moment when it is finished.

When we look from the outside at people like Mandela, what they achieve can sometimes seem so easy. Almost inevitable. And yet even to him it seemed impossible, right up until it was done.

The point is that it only seems impossible. It isn’t really.

Chapters 1 to 6 of inner leadership show you how to make sense of the situation you face, identify the opportunities, and turn the one that you prefer into an inspiring vision.

As you work towards that vision, Chapter 7 provides tools and frameworks that enable you to manage the inner challenges that inevitably arise. They remind you that even though it can seem impossible, it isn’t. You have done similar things to this before, and you can do them again. And they show you that with the right focus, some aspects of your vision can even be achieved from Day One.

It might seem impossible, but it isn’t.

The Churning gives you the tools you need to: 1) centre and ground, 2) work out what is important to you, 3) go make it happen.

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