Inspiring vision, part 4: Show there is a problem

In a time of change, your ability to create an inspiring vision is what will draw people to join your project, motivate them to stay, and inspire them to deliver new results.

The fourth part of creating that vision is to show them that they have a problem. After all,

If there’s no problem there’s no need to change.

In a time of change, people are likely to be feeling uncertain, nervous, or even afraid. Being clear about what the current situation is and why change is needed can help them overcome their fear by providing the motivation people will need to change their behaviour and start to do something different.

As Jack Welch used to put it, when he was CEO of General Electric:

“Face reality as it is, not as it was, or as you wish it to be.”

The work you did in earlier chapters can be invaluable here. Use it to bring your audience a clear understanding of how you see the current situation and why the best way forward you are proposing is best.

People who are nervous can react in unpredictable ways, so be sure to do this in a way that inspires them rather than scaring them. Use the other building blocks to reassure your audience, by painting a clear picture of the future you want to create, showing that it can be achieved, and making it relevant to your audience.

The more clearly you can show your audience how they have a problem that they need to address, the more inspired and energetic they will be to follow your solution.

Adapted from Inner Leadership.

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