The challenges you face are not a barrier to your job

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We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. And the largest challenges contain the potential for the greatest opportunity.

Of course this may not always be easy to see, so:

  • the Inner Leadership volume of The Churning provides structured tools and techniques for making sense of a situation and identifying the opportunities that lie hidden within any challenge
  • the book then leads you through choosing the opportunity that is right for you, and turning that choice into a vision that inspires you and others to make it happen
  • Outer Leadership then provides tools and frameworks for making that vision a reality in a changing world

What we call ‘challenges’ are simply a disruption of the status quo. Without these disruptions we would stagnate. With them we gain an opportunity to reinforce and get deeper clarity on what matters most to us, create a world that better matches what we deeply want, and to grow as a person and a leader.

The challenges you face are not a barrier to your job, they are your job. They are what you are paid to overcome. They are your opportunities. Because the way that you respond to them determines your potential for both professional and personal growth.

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