Destiny is something we choose for ourselves

Chapter 4 of inner leadership talks about your destiny. But is this something that is preordained, or is it something that we choose?

This English word destiny comes from the French word destinée and shares the same root as destination: it looks to the future, to what is going to happen, to where we are heading.

The original Latin word destinare meant “to make firm or establish.” That then shifted to mean “the action of intending someone or something for a purpose.”

Later we started talking about being destined to travel to a place, which became our destination.

And then we started to talk about being destined for a role, a position, or anything where we are “deliberately heading towards it for a purpose.”

We all have different inner dictionaries for what we think words mean. The way The Churning uses the word destiny is to describe something you are intending to reach for a purpose.

Your destiny isn’t something pre-ordained. It is about deliberate intention and choice.

Chapters 1-3 of inner leadership give you tools to make sense of the situation you face and identify the opportunities.

Chapter 4 is about choosing the opportunity that is best for you, to achieve the purpose (and values) you identify in Chapter 5.

Chapter 6 then converts your chosen destiny into an inspiring vision, while Chapter 7 prepares you for the implementation of outer leadership.

You can buy each chapter individually, or buy the whole book here.

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