Finding Work that Fulfils Us

A scribe or copyist cuts parchment into pages

A scribe or copyist cuts parchment into pages

Happiness comes when we live in line with our purpose and values.

If you had been born 500 years ago, the job you do today would probably not have existed. Fifty years from now it might not exist again.

But your purpose and values could have been the same, both 500 years ago or 500 years in the future.

To find fulfilling work it makes sense to focus on understanding what your purpose and values are, and then find ways to express them fully in whatever world you happen to have been born into.

Chapter 5 of inner leadership shows you how to find your purpose and values.

Once you know them then the key questions to ask yourself are:

i) In what sectors of the economy can I achieve the greatest impact in creating the type of world I want to create?
ii) Which organisations in that sector operate most in line with my values?
iii) Which people most need to achieve the changes/insights that I can help them make?
iv) In what specific role can I best use my main personal qualities?

There might be several answers.

For example, you might want to create a more sustainable world. The sectors in which you could do this range from consultancies, through technology companies, to governments, mainstream corporations, NGOs, the arts, healthcare, and even fossil fuel companies. To choose between them you could identify the values (or culture) that each sector has. Which potential workplace has people with values that are most in line with your own? Where will you feel most at home? Then, step iii), which specific people (either inside or outside those organisations) would most benefit from the key change, insight, or outcome that you help people to create? Is your key competence about raising awareness, building understanding, creating plans, implementation, or running ongoing operations? And are the people you do that for inside the same organisation, or outside? Finally, in the world you happen to have been born into, what is the name for the job or role that would enable you to use your qualities to create those outcomes for those people in those organisations?

There might not be only one answer and it might not be crystal clear. Several roles might offer you part of what you need.

But the common thread between them is your purpose and values.

So try them out. Use the experience to gain more clarity about your purpose and values. Repeat the exercise and focus more closely.

There will always be skills and experience that you can transfer from one role to the next, because the common thread between them is your purpose and values. The common thread between them is you.

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