Choosing the best way forward

Once we have found the ten types of opportunity that exist in any situation then we then need to choose the best way forward.

Peter Drucker was an author and consultant whose thinking had a major impact on the formation of the modern business corporation. He had a very clear opinion about what that best way forward should be. He said:

“Doing the right things is more important than doing things right.”

It is better to choose a difficult path that will take you imperfectly towards the outcomes you want than to choose an easy path that will get you the wrong results.

It is better to move slowly in the right direction than to move quickly in the wrong direction.

The tools of Chapter 4 of Inner Leadership enable you to gain clarity on the ultimate destination that is right for you.

Once you know that then, like a yachtsman navigating on the sea, you can choose the best route to get there.

If the winds are favourable then this could be a good time to head directly towards your chosen destination. If the winds are unfavourable then this might be a good time to tack or jibe across the wind, changing direction back and forth. In the short term this might look as if you are not heading towards the place you want to get to. But with each manoeuvre you will be getting slightly closer, working with the weather conditions as they are.

No matter what is happening around you now, knowing where you ultimately want to get to is the first, essential step to choosing what is the right direction to move in.

Only then can you know whether you are doing the right thing, or doing things right.

Adapted from Inner Leadership.

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