Tom Peters on leading the 21st-century organisation

Interviewed by McKinsey Quarterly on the topic of leading the 21st-century organisation, long-time management guru Tom Peters has a number of interesting things to say about leadership in the 21st-century: Continue Reading →

True leadership is about empowerment

21st century leadership is about empowerment, not control

Successful leadership in the 21st century is already about empowerment, not control. — The world’s largest taxi company owns and controls no vehicles. Instead it empowers drivers and customers to find each Continue Reading →

Screenwriting and Leadership: show not tell

Geese following their leader

The first rule of modern screenwriting is “Show not tell.” It used to be that a playwright who wanted to give an audience background information about a character they would set up a ‘table polishing’ Continue Reading →

Management versus Leadership

Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things -- Drucker

Management is about doing things right: efficiency and incremental improvement. Leadership is about doing the right things: choosing what matters, and what doesn’t. Both halves of The Churning provide tools and frameworks to enhance your Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton supplementary: “A new uncharted era”

Radical agenda for Hillary Clinton

Following on this morning’s piece on deconstructing the building blocks of Hillary Clinton’s vision, a friend has forwarded this piece on the need for a debate on “how best to Continue Reading →

“Integration of looking both inward and outward is the most powerful formula we know for creating long-term, high-impact organizational change”

Change leader, change thyself

I’ve come across another management article that supports the need for The Churning. This one comes from the McKinsey Quarterly in March 2014. Its authors state: “After years [working in] … leadership and Continue Reading →