Tom Peters on leading the 21st-century organisation

Interviewed by McKinsey Quarterly on the topic of leading the 21st-century organisation, long-time management guru Tom Peters has a number of interesting things to say about leadership in the 21st-century: Continue Reading →

True leadership is about empowerment

21st century leadership is about empowerment, not control

Successful leadership in the 21st century is already about empowerment, not control. — The world’s largest taxi company owns and controls no vehicles. Instead it empowers drivers and customers to find each Continue Reading →

Manifesting ourselves in the world

An inspiring story here from the South Side of Chicago, about a man who has bought a disused bank and turned it into “a stunning cultural centre.” In doing so he has partly Continue Reading →

Signs of the Churning, 1: British Politics


Less than five months ago we were all certain that the outcome of the British general election would be another hung parliament (see: Guardian, Telegraph). Instead, the Conservative Party won a clear outright majority. In the resulting race for Continue Reading →

Drucker, “The only worthy goal…”

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, the first and probably the greatest management guru, made a major contribution to defining the modern corporation. He also commented on what it is to be a human Continue Reading →

People who Don’t take risks are making the bigger mistake

People who don't take risks make about the same number of mistakes as people who do, Drucker

When we ‘take a risk’ we are stepping into the unknown of the world as it is going to be, leaving behind the safe comfort of the world as we Continue Reading →

Screenwriting and Leadership: show not tell

Geese following their leader

The first rule of modern screenwriting is “Show not tell.” It used to be that a playwright who wanted to give an audience background information about a character they would set up a ‘table polishing’ Continue Reading →