Becoming antifragile

Antifragile-bookNassim Nicholas Taleb’s third book is called “Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder”.

He says that things (or people) that are fragile break when they come under stress.

Things and people that are resilient or robust do not break under stress.

But things and people that become stronger and thrive when placed under stress are what Taleb calls “antifragile”.

The Churning is a book about becoming antifragile:

— inner leadership is about creating antifragile leaders
— outer leadership is about creating antifragile leadership and organisations.

It provides a seven step process for achieving each.

 Inner LeadershipOuter Leadership
Step 1Centre and groundKnow where you are
Step 2Make sense of the situationIdentify key success factors
Step 3Identify the opportunitiesIdentify strengths, weaknesses, implications
Step 4Choose what's best for youManage the risks
Step 5Know your purpose and valuesAddress the opportunities
Step 6Create an inspiring visionRe-vision the business
Step 7Prepare to move to actionOrganise for change

The Churning is a handbook on developing the antifragility that our businesses and our leaders need, so that they know how not only to survive in this time of change but actually to become stronger.

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