“Any minute now, everything will change”

Dark timesThe language of this article is a little more poetic than the business focus we usually have here at The Churning.

But everyone’s experience is different, and a good leader is first and foremost a human being, so you may well find it chimes with you too.

This excerpt sums it up pretty well:

“These days, the rough patch we’re navigating has turned into a very long haul. I believe we’ll weather the changes. I believe we’re strong enough to do so.
Still, it’s easy to fall into despair and wish that our journey wasn’t so rife with trouble.

Transformation is not optional right now. It is required. We cannot continue to fumble blindly in the darkness, unaware of the light we possess. We must solve the problems we’ve created.

And although this awakening is painful — like road rash, or a broken bone that hasn’t been set yet — we can’t wait for rescue. Not this time. We are the people we are waiting for. We must step up and take the reins. There is no one else. Just us.

What has always worked, no longer works.

Be here now, even if the thought absolutely terrifies you.

Don’t check out. Don’t go back to sleep. The world desperately needs you — it needs your talents, your passion, your ideas, your voice.”

The challenges we face are an opportunity: an opportunity to get clear on what matters most to you, and an opportunity to make that happen.

The four alternatives that any challenge brings are:

  • cave in and surrender
  • fix the situation
  • fix the situation and at the same time improve yourself or your organisation, by becoming stronger, leaner, fitter
  • resolve the situation, by not only fixing it but also introducing ‘preventative maintenance’ that ensures it will never happen again

There have never been so many people who want the same changes you do. Challenges force you to prioritise what matters to you most, and the inner leadership section of The Churning provides tools, techniques and examples to help you do just that and to turn what you have chosen into a powerful vision. The outer leadership section of The Churning provides tools for making that happen.

The world desperately needs your talents, your passion, your ideas, your leadership. It is time for inner and outer transformation.

The inner leadership half of the churning provides seven steps for identifying and creating an inspiring vision of what matters to you most. Outer leadership provides seven steps for bringing that vision into reality.

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